We care about the people you care about.

We SEE our clients. Not just who they are today, but who they were yesterday, and a decade ago, and many decades ago, when their lives were full of promise, excitement and adventure.

This woman is not just a little old lady. She is my grandmother. When I look at her, I truly see her: her accomplishments, experiences, emotions, adventures and memories.

We go beyond the basics. Yes, we help with cooking, daily grooming and prescriptions reminders. But, most importantly, we strive to ensure that we make a positive impact for each client’s quality of life and sense of purpose.

We’re proud to feature real stories of real people who have touched our lives, and who have trusted us with their care.

A Tribute to Prof. Karp

In memoriam
Theodore Cyrus Karp
(b. New York, NY, July 17, 1926; d. Wilmette, IL, November 5, 2015)

By Judith S. Karp (Nov. 8, 2015)

My husband Ted Karp enjoyed a long and productive life as a musician, scholar and family man. Ted was the oldest son of pianist and piano teacher Charles Karp and Henrietta Karp, a homemaker and accountant. His father, who died when Ted was 16 years old (his brother, Gilbert, 8), left him with a love of piano playing that determined and fed his career in music. His family’s need developed his resourcefulness, as he took on his father’s teaching obligations to help support the family.

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